A little bit about me

The goal of B Hershey Studios is to develop connection through thoughtful and genuine creations.

After working for 15 years as a teacher and mental health professional, I decided to shift gears and set my inner artist free.  My art is inspired by human behavior, nature, and the belief that we are all connected in deep and profound ways.  The years I spent helping others taught me that no act of kindness or generosity is too small; that giving to others and letting your light shine bright - through art, words, or any means you have - can make a positive difference to all of the other living beings around you.     

When I'm not at my easel, I am usually out on an adventure with my husband and our two kiddos.  We recently bought and are converting a camper van, Ollivander, and one of our many goals is to visit every National Park in the continental US.  I love to cook and have always claimed that there is an old Italian grandmother trapped inside of me.  I am also happy to cuddle up with our sweet baby kitty, Astrid, and read a book with a hot cup of tea (or wine, depending on what kind of day it has been!)


Life is a short and wild ride. 

Lean into your passions. 

Listen to your heart. 

Do what makes you happy. 

For me, this means making art.  


With much gratitude and respect,


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