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Original art makes the best gift.
For those you love and yourself!


2023 Limited Edition
Mini Painting Ornaments

This project holds a special place in my heart! It has truly been one of my favorites so far.


It was an exploration of allowing myself the freedom to create, centering on joy, playfulness, and the very things that have filled me with inspiration: flowers (an eternal muse!), the countless mushrooms and snake encounters during hikes this year, and vibrant, daring colors.

Each of these ornaments carries a name tied to books, songs, people, spaces, and places that have profoundly influenced my creative world. They're a tribute to the wellsprings of my inspiration.

My wish is that you, too, discover something within this collection that ignites your own inspiration! May these pieces speak to your soul and evoke the same joy and creativity they've brought to me.

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